chapter  7
Democracy’s Risky Businesses
Pluralism and the metapolitics of aesthetics
Pages 32

This chapter focuses on democratic theory and seeks both to re-articulate the central conceptual contributions. It also focuses on the differential experiences of diverse ethnic Americans in particular, Euro, African, and Latino Americans in their working lives. The main theorists of politics in general and democracy in particular upon whom the author draws acknowledge the contingencies and ambiguities of grasping and evaluating a sensible world that does not partition it conveniently. In addition to a differing institutional context, the comparative pressure on Joel and Strike are also a result of spatial differences. Strangely, despite the many markers of political economy throughout Risky Business, some critics have succumbed to the temptation to treat the film as a comedy. In contrast with Huntington, Derrida is committed to hospitality rather than a model of cultural abjection, which fails to appreciate the historical contribution of the foreigner to constructive criticism of systems of national authority.