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Roberts 1985.208 observes, “Nothing is more characteristic of epic than poetic periphrases of time.” On this mode of amplification in Juvencus, see Kartschoke 1975.85-6. The base text, Mt 8:16, has ves­ pere autem facto (and when evening had come). The opening of line 1 is iamque dies (now day), a hexameter incipit found several times in the Aeneid (Aen. 2.132, 3.356, 5.49, 5.762, 10.215); it is a common way to begin periphrases for time. See also on 2.368. “Darkened night spread out/its dusky cloak” is furvamque super nox caerula pallam/. . . trahe­ bat. This resembles Statius, Theb. 2.527-8: coeperat umenti Phoebum subtexere palla/nox (night had begun to screen Phoebus with its dewy mantle).