chapter  2
A research study on the integration of physically handicapped children in ordinary primary schools
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In Britain there are various youth organisations such as the Scout and Guide Associations. They accept handicapped children into their ranks and give great encouragement. Wherever possible the handicapped youngster joins in with the able-bodied although there are some special Packs or Troops only comprising of very severely handicapped boys or girls. The real problem is the fact that unless correctly handled at an early age the child grows up feeling different and often inferior to fellow beings. With good upbringing many have become outstanding citizens who have married and had 'normal' children. The aim of all handicapped children is to be normal they should be encouraged to be normal. They should be allowed to take part in as many activities as possible and to wear fashionable clothes, even if some modification is necessary. Such alterations as are needed should be disguised as much as possible, particularly when the child approaches adolescence.