chapter  7
Talking about likes and dislikes, wishes and desires
Pages 17

A: 7a.la7.chein.hma ba lou7.@§ It B: sa pha7.ta pa.t& A: ba sa.ou7.twe pha7 It II b8 cai7 It B: sa.ou7 myo.zoun II It 7a.loun A: kaun.ta.p6 II ce.n:::>.ka.t6 ? lou?ta pa.t& B: II ba lou7.(8e) 18 A: mya.06.7a.phy[n b:::>.loun II te.kha.te.le yai7.t8

A: What do you do during (your) free time? B: I like reading. A: What books do (you) read? Which authors do (you) like? B: I read all sorts of books. I like all authors too. A: That's great. I like sports. B: Is that so? What sports do you do? A: Usually I play football. Sometimes, I also play badminton. But

sometimes, I watch matches on TV.