chapter  I
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The sexual subject

Cartographies of visibility, Kerala

The chapter attempts to historicise the subjects discussed even when their representations in the public space are also of equal interest to the project. It has been inspired and informed by these conceptual frameworks, especially, in shaping a broader outlook towards engaging with sexuality. The chapter identifies print media as one of the important sites to analyse the debates on sexuality since the 1990s, for print captured this moment before the period and after the period. It seeks to look at print as one form of the cultural transactions, where it is constantly redefined/negotiated in interaction with other socio-cultural forms and discourses. Other socio-cultural forms that become sites of analysis for this chapter include language, literature, legal discourse, cinema and inputs from television and the Internet. The chapter aims to map public spaces by looking at them as institutional and discursive spaces constituting/reconstituting sexuality.