chapter  II
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Constituting the visible

Neology as a mode of deploying language

This chapter focuses at the specificities of the media discourse after the 1990s in the public space of Kerala to understand the modes through which debates about sexuality became explicitly visible. It also focuses on an introduction to how language, literature and media are understood in the context of the sexuality debates of the post-1990s public space of Kerala. The chapter discusses women's writing, as it is one of the significant debates on language that happened in the Malayalam public space in the last two decades. It explores the neologisms in the media that have been used to describe issues related to sexuality to see how they negotiate with the already existing sexual morality and other cultural specificities. It also explores at the implications of the interaction or the lack thereof between the pennezhuthu debate and the newly evolved media usages that have been absorbed into the popular imagination, about which no debate has taken place.