chapter  5
Troubles in Indore, the Maharaja’s Women: Loving Dangerously
Pages 36

In 1926, at the age of thirty-six, HH Maharadhiraja Raja Rajeshwar Sawai Shri Tukojirao III Holkar XIII Bahadur of Indore, GCIE, formally signed his abdication papers. e period preceding it had been a traumatic year for the ruler. In January 1925, a Muslim businessman by the name of Bawla was murdered on a dimly lit street in Bombay’s a uent Malabar Hill, and his lover, Mumtaz Begum, who had accompanied him that night, was severely injured with knife wounds to her head. e begum had been at one time a palace dancer at Indore, and a favourite of the Maharaja’s. It was soon discovered by eyewitness accounts and police inquiries that their assailants were members of the Indore household, who had been sent under the directions of Tukoji Rao. e murder case dominated national and international headlines when it came to trial in the Bombay High Court and ultimately compelled the ruler to relinquish his sovereign powers.