chapter  4
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Religion and Daily Life

There had been a great deal of anxiety abroad about what would, or might, happen when Queen Mary died on 17 November 1558. The relations between the Queen Mary and Elizabeth were notoriously bad. Elizabeth's warm reception in London seems to have been echoed up and down the country. On 19 November, Te Deum Laudamus was sung in every church in London, and the following day William Bill, her chaplain, preached at Paul's Cross and made a 'godly sermon'. At Much Wenlock in Shropshire on 25 November, the people were gathered in the parish church for mass, when the service was interrupted by the arrival of the sheriff with the news. By 1570 churches were recognizably Protestant places of worship, with the communion table in the body of the church, a reading desk and a pulpit in place, and the plain walls adorned with the tables of the law and the memorials of departed worthies.