chapter  3
The British Soldier Abroad: Robert Monro, Militant Protestantism and the Personal Rule of Charles I
Pages 22

This chapter provides a close reading of Monro's memoir to show that the Monro's book is not only a memoir but also a political statement that engage with the domestic politics of the 1630s. In making the statement Monro utilizes many of the arguments, themes and tropes of militant Protestantism and especially the argument that the combined strengths of England and Scotland used to help fellow Protestants and in this way the militant Protestant of British identity influence the politics. The chapter shows that how the militant Protestantism is nurtured among British soldier abroad and becomes a significant aspect of mentalities that informed the Covenanting movement starting in 1638 where Robert Monro, a professional soldier spent his formative years in the service of foreign kings. It discusses the Continental wars, a significant factor in the uprising against royal authority in Scotland where Charles1 more decisively shown himself to be a support of international Protestantism.