chapter  4
The reality of God
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Just as with regards to Daniel, we do not need to debate the message of Jesus or its historicity; we should merely note that the latter shares a few key concepts with the former. The “Abomination of Desolation” is a sign that the “Son of Man” is coming to establish the “Kingdom of God”. Exactly what this means remains obscure, apart from that it will occur very soon. His disciples will not find time to warn all the cities of Israel before it happens. Some of them will die for testifying to it, others will live to witness it, and in either case the result will be violent. The message that has been entrusted to them is like a sword that will sever traditional bonds of kinship and social relations; those who are not prepared to accept it under such conditions can only postpone the depredation that the Divine Justice will bestow upon them. Old forms of religious worship will not offer any lasting refuge: once again, the Temple will be destroyed and Jerusalem will suffer devastation.18