chapter  20
Silence as skillset
ByRoumen Dimitrov
Pages 13

The challenges of the system reflect in the skillset of the public relations (PR) practitioners. PR practitioners early learn how to identify, withstand and possibly neutralise a whole arsenal of journalist tricks designed to lure one speak against their best interest. On the contrary, professional communicators are in perpetual conversations with publics and mediators if they want to build relations. Then one can freely talk on the record and off the record with such a person, especially in sensitive areas such as public health and safety, when journalists tend to be much more careful than in less risky areas such as entertainment and sport. Sweat equity is the aptitude to minimise exposure onstage and, and at the same time, build relationships behind the scene. For the PR practitioner who works on behalf of non-media organisations, the media are neither the only nor the main stakeholders. Part of the ideal work of the PR practitioners is the production of others.