chapter  8
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Our metaphorical multiracial home is complete and now we are faced with the final inspection. This moment is so important because it is our chance to finally gain some agency and ownership. Racial learning happens young and childhood is a decisive, vital time that sets the mixed race Asian child’s stage for the rest of their life. We can see that the well-established white worldview pinning down systemic racism is taught and cemented to all children very early, meaning that childhood is a critical point of intervention for understanding how we as individuals relate to race, which involves developing resistant racial awareness that then contributes to undoing racism. If we are proactive now, our actions can have a profound, lifelong impact not just on children and their increasingly prevalent mixed race identities, but on the children who will make up future generations that move our world forward or backward in the pursuit of justice and equality. So much change can happen here, in this moment, within ourselves and with our young.