chapter  4
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The answer is no. In my interviewing I found that multiracial Asian children often shared three common systemic barriers to forming positive preformative racial identity: compounded societal invisibility and racial isolation, but also parent indoctrination. Mixed race Asian children are silenced and malnourished by the white racist system and then this particular packing often becomes unknowingly fortified by parents themselves. For instance, when asked how they supported their children in developing positive racial identity, parents typically spoke about transmitting culture via food, clothing, holidays, travel, etc. But this kind of answer did not speak at all to how the children would thrive in a world that remains racially divided. Remember it is the ability to recognize the white racial frame and buffer against systemic racism that is most central in forming resistant racial identities. Yet the majority of parents I spoke with did not appear able to do this themselves, having unconsciously accepted persuasive white framing to a substantial degree, and as a result did not fold race instruction into their parenting. Overall then the multiracial Asian child’s home is deeply overinsulated; not only stifled purposefully by white-run society, but muffled and voiceless without teachings about resistance very much needed from those closest to the children.