chapter  12
The Bomb
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My dear Reich 30 March 1948 Both letters from you today. Thanks for the official invitation. And

we want to come very much, for we are depressed. We fear that atomic war may be very near .. . Tito has only to march into Trieste and you have it. The fools in parliament are talking of defence dug-outs etc. USA may get offlightly but this island as an air base for USA would be wiped out with death rays. Zoe's delightful happiness and cleverness and beauty make the picture terrifying for us. ( . . . )


My dear Reich 20 August 1950 ( ... ) Ifeel I may have dwelt too much on the war danger. My excuse

is that while your children over there will have a good chance of survival, ours will not. We are near the danger, and everyone we know here has a similar feeling to the one we have, a terror of what may happen to the young in atomic warfare. It may not come, but something must come, and it is not pleasant to think that half a dozen men in the world can decide whether our children will live or die. ( ... )


not. The world sure is a melting pot at the moment. The only big question is: Will we destroy ourselves with H and Cobalt bombs before Reich's peaceful orgones are accepted? You ask what has happened to Churchill? I don't know. His position must be most difficult, for he knows that in a war Britain would be wiped out while parts of USA and Russia and much of China would survive. I think that the differences between us and USA arise from the fact that we are much more vulnerable. ( ... )


My dear Reich 5 February 1955 ( . . . ) To me the matter seems klein [small] today when it looks as if

the Formosa affair will end us all over here. Bertrand Russell said yesterday that if the Formosa issue is not settled humanity may be destroyed by the end of this year. I see no way out for China or USA; I see no way out at all for us if world war comes. The biggest USA atom bomb air base is seven miles from Summerhill; we'd be the first target, but in any case radiation will destroy life on this island. I think that the fundamental ground is that USA especially will rather see humanity destroyed than have universal communism. I fear your plague is too strong on both sides to save the situation. Long ago you said that World War III would come and I didn't want to believe you. I miserably think you prophesied rightly. ( .. . )


My dear Reich 21 February 1955 ( .. . ) I am very pessimistic these days. I am almost sure that the idiots

on both sides will kill us all. The official line now seems to be atomic death to all rather than have communism. But what a choice! I don't have to choose, but I tremble to think that our fate depends on men who must have been made anti-life in their cradles .... Will no great statesman arise and shout: War is universal suicide; no one can win; all must lose. The only chance is to disarm all round, to divide the world and stick to the division. But I fear the plague would not let his voice be heard.