chapter  2
Educational Research and Settler Colonialism
Pages 19

Dysfunction: The consequence of a social practice or behavior pattern that undermines the stability of a social system. In this chapter, the author argues that, the educational research has served functions of settler colonialism more than it has served learning and knowledge. He analyzed education research in relation to the logics of settler colonialism. Having situated educational research within the overall context of coloniality, the author turns to the ways that educational research is situated within the specific structure of settler colonialism. This specific analysis is necessary to identify the ways in which these logics manifest to also better identify projects of knowledge about learning that do not emanate from settler colonial logics. The author summarize the key tenets of settler colonialism in relation to educational research. His aim is not to introduce settler colonialism to the reader but to sketch it as a springboard to identifying how its logics are animated through contemporary patterns of practices in educational research.