chapter  7
Government responses towards peacebuilding initiatives
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This chapter discusses the state both central and provincial/regional governments, as well as state institutions such as the Latupatti contributed to the peacemaking. Indeed, government efforts paved the way toward ChristianMuslim reintegration. The Maluku conflict which has undergone for more than three years has resulted in thousands of people losing their lives and properties, caused suffering and difficulties, endangered the unity of the Republic of Indonesia, and darkened the future of the Moluccan society. Two coordinating cabinet ministers, M. Jusuf Kalla and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, were appointed to handle the Maluku problem. The Malino II agreement was signed by 70 delegates representing both Christians and Muslims, each group consisting of 35 members. Muslim representatives at Malino II were chaired by Thamrin Ely, while the Christian delegates were headed by Tony Pariela. The chapter concludes with the peace and reconciliation processes in Ambon have been supported by both state and society agents.