chapter  6
Far-Right Fantasy 2: The Christian Reconstruction of America
Pages 22

Ignoring the handful of pagan Odinists and SS-garbed neo-Nazis, America’s contemporary ultra-rightists are almost exclusively white, middle-aged Baptists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, and Mormons, animated by a doctrine known as Dominionism. It is so named after the admonition in Genesis 2:26-8 and 9:2, the most frequently cited passages in its corpus of literature-which directs mankind to “dominate” “all that moveth upon the earth.” Dominionist leaders claim that “there is not one word of Scripture to declare that this mandate was ever revoked” (Rushdoony, 1973: 14; North, n.d.b) and take this to mean that they are commanded by God to “reconstruct” America on the basis of biblical/constitutional teachings. I say reconstruct, because this will entail restoring the country to what presumably prevailed at its founding (Barron, 1992). “It is dominion we are after, not just a voice … not just influence … not just equal time … [but] dominion … ” (quoted in M. Goldberg, 2007: 41; Rushdoony, 1973: 375; Tabachnick, 2011). This chapter traces the roots of Christian Dominionism, describes its stylistic variations, and discusses the main elements in its political economic program. I leave off debating its merits until the next chapter. To underscore the historical particularity of the Dominionist agenda, however, I occasionally contrast it with traditional Roman Catholic teachings on the same subjects.