chapter  6
Subjective Well-Being
Pages 24

Subjective Well-Being (SWB) is where Positive Psychoanalysis comes together. The study and quantification of SWB comprises a vast area of Positive Psychology research and practice that is virtually unknown in the psychoanalytic literature. SWB is a conscious assessment of how we feel and experience life in general and our own lives and how they are going in particular. It has both an emotional or hedonic component and a cognitive, judgmental one. This chapter discusses the recipes we each employ and their failings. It also discusses SWB as a discipline and a postmodern science. The chapter focuses on an early inquiry into the neuroscience of SWB. It expresses the discourse centered on how SWB can fail in the Self. The chapter addresses the techniques of care and cure for this failing. The chapter considers the tools available for the objective measurement of SWB.