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The observations have been made in the course of twelve years, working, almost exclusively, with adolescent patients. Some of the work was done in London at a clinic specialising in the outpatient treatment of delinquents and at a day-school for maladjusted children and adolescents run by the London Education Authority. Adolescent symptomatology is well known to be varied and unpredictably changeable. In adult patients suffering with severe depression there is sometimes a clear link between suicidal and homicidal acts. So, too, in adolescence aggression against self and others may be a depressive equivalent. Social and cultural factors affect the choice of method, and the wider availability of firearms would obviously lead to a greater use of them for suicidal behaviour. At present society makes resources available for little more than first-aid. And physical methods of treatment while they may cut short the depression, tend to leave the patient in a continuing state of unknowing about his or her life experience.