chapter  6
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Our God Rules (Yours Doesn’t)

The headline in the February 15, 2008, Associated Press article read, “YouthOrganization Wants a Return to Wholesomeness.” Led by the Christian-basedgroup Teen Mania Ministries, hundreds of teens took to the streets of the Big Apple, New York City, for an event called Recreate. Through chants, signs, and speeches, the youths and young adults called for recreating music, film, fashion, television, and other media without the explicit, aggressive language and imagery that is so common in these mediums. 2008 was a presidential election year, so they also announced eight questions to be sent to the presidential candidates, including, “What should be done to stop glamorizing the things that are destroying my friends, like drugs, alcohol, and sex?” And “How will you ensure that the freedom to practice Christianity will not be taken away?”