chapter  9
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Adam, Eve, and Steve

In July 2008, the bishops of the Church of England made a historic decision. Aftermany years of debate, they voted to allow women to become bishops, a position thatwas previously denied to women even though they could serve as priests and deacons. Now, depending on your point of view and your religious tradition, this decision is either the biggest non-news event of the year or something that is revolutionary-and not necessarily in a good way. What made this decision trickier is that it came just before the once-a-decade Lambeth Conference, when all Anglican bishops from around the world meet in England to talk about policy, mission, and other important global issues. This time, it wasn’t just any ordinary meeting. Many feared and expected that during this meeting the worldwide “Anglican Communion” would split apart. But why? What could make something like that happen after it had existed for 500 years?