chapter  10
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The (Not So Great) Color Wall of the United States

Afew years ago, Bishop Fred Caldwell, pastor of the Greenwood Acres Full GospelBaptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana, a large African-American congregation,offered a unique proposal. He offered to pay non-Blacks to attend his church. So adamant was he that his church should not be segregated that Bishop Caldwell announced that for at least one month he would pay non-Blacks $5 per hour to attend the multiple-hour Sunday morning service and $10 an hour to attend the church’s Thursday night service. And he would pay this money out of his own pocket. Bishop Caldwell told the Associated Press, “This idea is born of God. God wants a rainbow in his church.” He said that the inspiration came to him during a sermon. “Our churches are too segregated, and the Lord never intended for that to happen,” Caldwell told USA Today. “It’s time for something radical. . . . I just want the kingdom of God to look like it’s supposed to” (Boston 2003, Maxwell 2003).