chapter  11
Activities for Fun and Play
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Everything children need to learn they can and should learn through play. One of the most misguided notions regarding early childhood education right now is that play is frivolous and that real learning involves sitting. It's nonsense. Children are also very social beings that need to develop their interpersonal skills. They naturally do this through play. Play is another aspect of education and recess that has but been abandoned in pursuit of test preparation. Rats that socialize more with other rats develop bigger, more complex brains. And play stimulates nerve growth in the portions of the brain that process emotions and executive function. Rough-and-tumble play teaches us how to cooperate and play fair. One researcher found that early forms of play, such as chasing, relate to social problem-solving skills that children develop later on. Inevitable movement comes into play with the excitement of whether or not the person is going to be able to do it.