chapter  2
Transforming the Physical Classroom
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Education has adapted to culture in the sense that we now use technology such as smart boards, computers, and even LCD projectors in the classroom. A change in the physical classroom can also be beneficial to teachers. Many corporations have exchanged traditional desks and chairs with stand-up desks, stability ball chairs, and even treadmills with stand-up workstations, so employees can actually walk in place while they work. Kraft made a conscious effort to create a paradigm shift of removing the hierarchical structure and creating an "open space" concept. Several schools around the country and internationally have already begun to make transformations to the classroom, such as adding treadmills and stationary bikes. One such class is at Ward Elementary School in North Carolina. While the design of the classroom needs to, and has to, change to fully engage and benefit the students, the learning experience needs to expand beyond the four walls of the physical classroom.