chapter  16
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The fictional film is easily differentiated from its non-fiction, or documentary, counterpart, which takes on reality as its object of study. The mockumentary emerged as a unique format for comedy, as the sub-genre suggests that it is documenting reality when it is really mocking it through a fictional form. But it most likely could be that the film illustrates how little the modern American, raised on Hollywood reality, really knows what is in the Bible. As the filmmakers Marv and Clive of "And God Spoke" sincerely seek to make a Bible film they find that they fail in front of a window ever open on all that is good and all that is rotten in their film-making process. One thing that Guest is adamant about is that he rejects the term "mockumentary", considering that it implies that he is mocking making fun of the objects of his film-making. However, the term has stuck to these totally fake documentaries.