chapter  8
Picaro Comedy
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The picaro comedy follows an Everyman like a picaresque hero, a likeable character who is often a fish out of water on his or her curious, often providential, journey. According to Voytilla, two varieties of this comic pilgrim traipse across the landscapes of film comedies. The first is what he calls the catalyst fish, the trickster who makes things happen, as Ferris Bueller on his day off or Axel Foley as a Beverly Hills cop. The second kind of picaro is the wounded fish, the vulnerable underdog, or loser, who bumps into others and bounces from one place to another. Picaros take the road less traveled. They follow their own drumbeats. They have a registered gait under the Ministry of Silly Walks, recognizable from way down the street. Chaplin's and Keaton's unique movements, as well as Lloyd's and Langdon's, are identifiable from any distance.