chapter  15
Signal Processing
ByDavid Miles Huber, Robert E. Runstein
Pages 40

This chapter offers some insight into the basics of effects processing and how they can be integrated into a recording or mixdown in ways that sculpt sound using forms that are subtle, lush, extreme or just plain whimsical and wacky. Signal processing devices and their applied practices come in all sizes, shapes and flavors. These tools and techniques might be analog, digital or even acoustic in nature. In addition to both analog and digital hardware devices, an ever-growing list of signal processors are available for the Mac and PC platforms in the form of software plug-ins. Insert routing is often used to alter the sonic or effects characteristics of a single track or channel signal. It occurs whenever a processor is directly inserted into a signal path in a serial fashion. Side chain processing is a fancy word for setting up a special effects send and return that can add a degree of spice to your overall mix.