chapter  1
Creative Issues
Where Do Ideas Come From?
ByAlexis Krasilovsky
Pages 29

Sometimes ideas come from real life experiences or other forms of creativity. At other times, ideas pop into people's heads while dreaming or meditating. Psychologist Carl Jung believed that archetypes are inherited. Perhaps in part that is why there are almost two thousand versions of "Cinderella", including European, African, Asian, and American variations complete with deceased mother, a slipper, and a fairy godmother that helps Cinderella wed her prince. Posttraumatic stress disorder is something that happens to more people than just soldiers, and something that happens to men, women, and children on a daily basis, not just during wartime. Concentration camp survivors, earthquake, flood, and tornado victims, also suffer from long-term patterns of behavioral change and life disruption. The novel Push ends with 35 pages of poems and journal entries by Precious' classmates, who have their own stories to share - some of which Fletcher morphs into supporting characters' events in his adaptation.