chapter  16
Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value
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Marx defines the accumulation of capital as the employment of surplus-value as capital or its reconversion into capital. Capital accumulation means that capitalists are compelled to try to increase their capital. The capitalist invests money M for purchasing two commodities: means of production and labour-power. Marx criticises Adam Smith, David Riccardo, John Stuart Mill, and other political economist's assumption that all profit is transformed into wages. Their argument is erroneous because the capitalist who has an increased sum of capital available and wants to produce more commodities than before does not need more labour-power or means of production. Marx distinguishes the part of the revenue that the capitalist takes for his/her own subsistence and for buying luxury goods as revenue and the other part as accumulated capital. He alludes to Moses because he wants to express that capital accumulation is just like religion a fetishism that makes reality appear in a distorted form.