chapter  1
Prefaces, Postfaces, and Chapter 1: The Commodity
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In this chapter, Marx discusses labour-power value aspects and the means of production. Marx argues that the means of production in the labour process lose their original use-value and form part of a new use-value. Marx argues that part of the means of production can as waste "enter as a whole in the valorisation process that enters into the labour process". The means of production in contrast do not create value but labour transfers value to the product that creates value which is why Marx terms the monetary expression of the labour-power's value variable capital. Marx writes that the raw material and auxiliary substances such as coal or oil lose the independent form with which they enter into labour process. In capitalist production process, the capitalist purchases labour-power and means of production where humans transfer the value of the means of production and labour-power to a new product. Labour creates new value so that a surplus-value and a surplus product emerge.