chapter  10
Perón and Evita
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Juan Perón initially gained power through the military coup of 1943 and went on to dominate Argentine politics from 1945 to 1955 after he was democratically elected to two presidential terms. He transformed the ad hoc import substitution of the war years into an explicit growth strategy and expanded the interventionist and isolationist policies that had been incubating during the 1940s. Even though he was removed from power in 1955 by a military coup, the influence of his social and economic ideas and political praxis, for better or for worse, continues to influence Argentine politics to this day. In November 1945, Perón married María Eva Duarte whom from that moment everybody called Eva Perón, or, simply, 'Evita', and then moved rapidly to organize his campaign. Even though his first presidency formally started in June 1946, implementation of Perón's economic and social policies started immediately after the revolution of 1943.