chapter  20
French architects’ use of the law
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As building industry professionals and academics, people are well versed in the design of corporate entities through which to limit people exposure to financial risk. Offering an overview of the mechanisms of building regulation, the author identified where opportunities for misunderstanding and contradiction can occur. Luke Bisby is Arup's Professor of Fire and Structures at the University of Edinburgh, where he directs the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering, as well as being a member of the University's project, Integrating Technical and Sociological Expertise in Fire Safety Engineering. Raising questions for future practice, research and pedagogy, the speakers demonstrated that, despite an intention to make visible the unaccounted costs of industrial production. People technologies of risk-management can create their own opportunities for obfuscation, and their own niches for profit, effects that any science of risk must remain attendant to. While they might think such practices simply produce a distracting clutter of well-intentioned, ineffective technologies.