chapter  6
The penitentiary realised
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The Holford Committee submitted its first report on 31 May 1811, and just a year later the government appointed a committee of three to supervise the building of the new penitentiary _2 A national architectural contest was organised at the same time and at the end of June 1812 prizes were awarded to the three best entries. 3 The land originally bought by Bentham as the site of the Panopticon was transferred to the supervisors and construction commenced at the end of 1812.4 Sufficient progress had been made by February 1816 for the supervisors to request the appointment of a management committee,5 who were

The administrative records of Millbank Penitentiary were destroyed in a fire in the last century (communication from the Prison Department). For sources of information in writing this chapter I have had to rely on manuscript material of outside origin and upon published books and pamphlets.