chapter  II
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The little child wants to find vent for all its instincts, as for instance the urge to see and fondle, in its parents. I know

TH E CEDIPUS C O M P L E X of a little boy of two who is at the height of happiness when his mother helps him with his ‘big and little business5, and if by chance his father is also present he announces with beaming face ‘Daddy's watching me5. He rightly takes the managing of his clothes, and the attention paid to his per­ formance, as evidence of love, and he lets us know in turn that he would gladly do the same for us. Children, who so readily show their nakedness, would like in turn to see the grown-ups naked; this is clear enough from their behaviour. They are very pleased if they can accompany grown-ups to the lavatory, bath-room, or dressing-room. Those toddlers who are denied all such opportunities show their interest just the same, by many signs; they listen outside and ask questions, and are pleased when they find the explanation for the grown-ups5 mysterious temporary retirements. Not only erotism of defaecation, looking and touching, has a place here, however, but also genital erotism.