chapter  11
Working for and with children for more biodiverse cities
ByClaire Freeman, Yolanda van Heezik
Pages 30

The most successful biodiverse cities and neighbourhoods have support at four levels: national governmental level, the city level, the neighbourhood level and the project level. This chapter considers the professions, agencies, organisations and people involved and what makes for a successful biodiversity initiative that will work for children. It focuses on two types of initiatives – firstly, those that demonstrate how effective planning and action can enhance living environments that encourage nature contact, and secondly, places that play a significant role in all or some children's lives, including schools, playgrounds, hospitals and parks. Nature can enhance children's lives and the places that children and their families use. Finally the chapter focuses on the role of children themselves, including initiatives in which children take a leading role and are involved as not just biodiversity users but as researchers and contributors to helping create biodiverse city environments.