chapter  IV
A Moral Superman
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ROSMERSHOLM is a tragedy of over-sensitive conscience, depicted against the background of political passions and party-struggles as witnessed by Ibsen during his summer holidays in his native country in 1885. This was his second visit, since his departure in 1864, to Norway, and the internal political squabbles by which she was torn at the time left an unpleasant taste in his mouth, as though he had been watching a fight between 'two million cats and dogs'. When Rebecca came to Rosmer's house, she was like the sea element of her native north, a natural force rather than a tamed human being. Devoid of any conscience, but with an attitude towards life that was amoral rather than immoral, she formed a complete contrast to Rosmer. Nor had her background anything in common with his. The frustration of Rosmer's 'mission' had much to do with the party intrigues and party struggles that were raging in Norway at the time.