chapter  VII
Ibsen the Realist
Pages 9

Solness in The Master Builder failed to reach that realm of the 'third empire' where his inner contradictions might have been solved, or at least superseded by a new type of consciousness.Had he not perished as he did, his old dilemma would have turned up again, sooner or later, exacting the same heavy price for his calling, and through no fault of his. He seemed to be in the grip of some mysterious power which used him as its medium, while holding him yet responsible for everything he did to himself and to others. However static Little Eyolf may appear on the surface, it still remains one of Ibsen's most carefully thought out and worked out plays. Apart from the calamity at the end of the first act, there are no happenings in it, only discussions and conversations. This does not prevent it, however, from being as rich in content and ideas as it is intense in psychology.