chapter  11
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Your Progress

WithBrad Hokanson

The good thing about creativity testing is that learners can have fun developing ideas as part of the evaluation, and even the test itself will help learners develop their own creativity even more. The tests serve to remind learners of ways to improve their creativity. The challenge is to write down as many different and unusual things learners can do with a rubber band. Use as many rubber bands as their want, and they can be of any size large or small. The measurement of the test looks at originality, the uniqueness or rarity of learners' answers. The top answers for uses for the image and term "rubber bands": arm band, bracelet, hold hair, bag tie, hold papers, sling shot, make chain, make ball, earring, shoot at someone, and fix something. Making connections is an important aspect of creativity. These connections might be external, with other people, or in our own minds based on our own knowledge and experiences.