chapter  5
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Modes of Thinking

WithBrad Hokanson

A real-life example can be used to illustrate the different modes of creative thinking. As they are growing up, many people date many different people. This is like having a lot of different ideas to solve any problem, and it is like divergent thinking. Many times a person finds someone special and builds a long-term relationship with him or her. Divergent thinking involves producing multiple or alternative answers from available information. Convergent thinking is oriented toward deriving the single best answer to a clearly defined question. It emphasizes speed, accuracy, and logic; it focuses on recognizing the familiar, reapplying set techniques, and accumulating information. Boundaries of a solution are set by constraints due to limited experience, knowledge, or perceptions of the problem solver. Creativity often comes from stretching the possible solution space or redefining or changing the problem. Productive thinking, i.e. restructuring the information in the final solution space can lead to creative solutions to the novel design problem.