chapter  6
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Evaluating Creativity

WithBrad Hokanson

Time is a limiting factor in testing fluency, as the rapidity of response is part of the essence of creativity. One other aspect of creativity that can be tested using a similar method is called flexibility. Different types of answers·or categories·can open learners' to different directions for answers, and this helps encourage even more original ideas. Evaluating the several basic aspects of creativity can help learners' develop a broader understanding of their creativity and could provide their with insights as to how to improve. The nature of what is novel, however, must be subjectively examined as originality and grounded on the reviewers' experience. One important aspect of being creative is the ability to withhold judgment and to examine new and different ideas. Part of being creative is having tolerance to the unusual and for the ambiguous. This is often contrary to the skills valued in society or in a given field or domain.