chapter  7
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The Creative Process

WithBrad Hokanson

To encourage learners’ inherent creativity, they must develop a habit of diversity and change: "Cultivating a spirit of everyday nonconformity can foster the development of personality traits and thinking habits that are important to creative achievement. While a sequential description of how creativity works can describe the similarities of different creative individuals, it's important to remember that being creative and solving problems will involve a number of different ways of working and thinking. Studies of highly creative designers and artists show a highly fluid and iterative process of creativity. One of the early aspects of the creative process is developing an understanding of the problem or challenge. By working to clarify or redefine the problem, a different solution may present itself. Many directions of creative output include the ideas of problem definition and problem finding. A central aspect of creativity is the externalization of ideas; ideas need to leave the brain and be shared or recorded.