chapter  4
Raised in a collectivist culture, one may become an individualist
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The study of diversity both at home and abroad has been the focus of the authors academic life. This chapter provides an opportunity to search for answers, and possibly a justification. Virtually all his subsequent national and international research has been rooted in these initial intercultural encounters. The chapter examines how they have shaped his orientation to various issues in cross-cultural psychology. A continuing research interest has been how to conceptualise these national and individual policies and attitudes with respect to multiculturalism. The chapter shows that the ecological perspective is a continuing and evolving theme in thinking about the origins and functions of human diversity, and that a periodic attempt to synthesise and organise such thought into frameworks is a useful exercise. Initially, acculturation served as a variable that needed to be controlled, as a factor whose influence could alter the development and assessment of perceptual-cognitive abilities.