chapter  8
The making, unmaking and remaking of a psychologist
Pages 13

This chapter reviews author's personal life and his academic interests, an experimentally trained social psychologist come to be a cultural researcher who now positions himself at the opposite philosophical corner from traditional social scientists. On only the second day of his stay in England, He was enrolled and started at an English school. By the time he left school, He had developed a passionate interest in social life and people around the world. He have now lived and researched over thirty years in various parts of Europe, Canada, and the United States, and his everyday experiences tell him that the lives of Western people are characterised by contradictions and paradoxes. Even though he has always believed that traditional social psychology is very limited and simply wrong in its basic assumptions, He felt it necessary to experience training in the traditional, so-called 'scientific' methodology. Modern psychology, like most of modern academia, is to a large extent self-contained and self-regulating.