chapter  9
Tales that wag the dog: Globalisation and the emergence of postmodern psychology
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This chapter chronicles author's intercultural journey on the US canvas. The chapter is organised along Vivaldi's The Four Seasons: (1) spring the journey of searching; (2) summer the journey of researching; (3) autumn the journey of integrating; (4) winter the journey of simplifying. She was admitted to the doctoral programme in the autumn. The doctoral programme was a roller-coaster time of learning. She started to reflect more deeply on the reasons why she could not relate to the volumes of interpersonal conflict literature that she had reviewed. In the quietness of her Fukui academic experience, she listened more closely to what her heart was saying concerning culture and face work issues rather than turning to external sources. Culture is, in essence, logically paradoxical - intricately simple, and simply intricate. As she sees her professional journey passaging between the autumn and the winter seasons, she would like to use the winter season as a reflective period.