chapter  1
What kind of game in a far-away forest?
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This chapter is an account of at least some of the perturbations generated with author's colleagues over the past twenty years or so. One of the first howlings in the night occurred in 1973 with the publication of 'Social psychology as history'. From a constructionist standpoint, the world-as-it-is makes no demands on the words by which author characterise it. Although a social constructionist stance liberates the psychologist from the demands of any particular logic, epistemology or ontology - thus setting the stage for a global dialogue among diverse participants - it does not itself prescribe any particular theory, method, or practice. This chapter attempts to move away from the methodological and theoretical individualism that has so captured the imagination of traditional Western psychology, and to develop a reconceptualization of human action in terms of relational processes. Western psychology has not only presumed the universality of the experimental method as a truth-generating device, but as well the content of its theories.