chapter  Twenty Seven
A Pictorial Representation of a Studio Construction
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This chapter discusses the construction of a studio from start to finish in pictorial form. It explains the sound isolation measures and acoustic control measures. The chapter looks at the construction sequence, from start to finish, of a two-room recording studio. The studio was constructed as part of a much larger, fourteen-room, film-post-production facility for NTV Kino, located in Moscow, Russia. The customer was Gazprom Media, the owners of NYV-Kino, and the whole project was completed in just less than ten months, between February and November 2012. The design brief was for a recording studio which was principally to record incidental sound effects, but the company also required the ability to record simple musical accompaniments, as well as being able to mix pre-recorded material in formats up to 7.1 channels. The acoustic structures of the performing room, before the cosmetic fabric was applied. The frames for the fabric can be seen in place, in front of the acoustic baffles.