chapter  2
The Reciprocity of Currere , a Reconstruction of Self, and Autobiographical Theory
Pages 19

This chapter has two foci: to depict the reconstruction of my subjectivity, and to detail the reciprocity among the circumstances of the study, my experiences, my academic interests, and my process of currere . I fi rst share my subjective reconstruction through currere . I discuss my breakdown and the paradoxical elements of existence, the dialectic of anxiety, and the dialectical relationship between the world and myself. In this process I acknowledge how others have contributed to my process of currere and to the reconstruction of my subjectivity; although the reconstruction of subjectivity must be done essentially in solitude , the infl uence of others is undeniable in the circumstances of my work, subjective issues, my academic interests, and my currere work. Paying attention in this way to the reciprocity in play among these elements suggests how autobiographical work may not only benefi t one’s own development, but also contribute to autobiographical theory and method generally.