chapter  4
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Assessing performance, the person and the situation

Training makes a substantial impact on the quality of appraisal indeed, it is crucial. It should start with briefing sessions to help those involved understand the appraisal scheme and its aims, before moving on to actual skills training. The latter will include both making an accurate assessment and holding an appraisal interview. It is also desirable to help line managers who are going to appraise their staff to understand their motivations and to be sensitive to differences between one person and another in what they are likely to respond to. There are many different elements in training that may be relevant, including the use of e-learning solutions, and these have to be chosen and adapted to meet the level and needs of the appraisers. A vital aspect of evaluation is its role in monitoring the equity of the assessments made, and ensuring that there is no evidence of systematic bias against any particular group.