chapter  11
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Performance appraisal: best practice, best results

The changes in organisations and the context within which they have to operate now have been mentioned many times throughout this book. The pace of change is likely only to increase in the years ahead, though. Today’s leaders have to operate in an environment that is increasingly political ( Hartley and Fletcher, 2008 ), one that paradoxically is both more competitive but also demands greater collaboration, because so often their organisations now have to form partnerships or strategic alliances to achieve their goals. In addition, they have to cope with a huge increase in the speed and volume of communications, through formal and informal (social) media, face scrutiny from 24/7 news media and (in some cases) deal with increasing regulation. With the continuing globalisation of business, line managers fi nd themselves in a very diff erent relationship with their staff than would have been the case for their predecessors a decade or more ago, frequently leading virtual teams with whom they have much less face-to-face contact.