chapter  2
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The aims of appraisal: organisational and individual perspectives

The context in which performance appraisal operates is rather different in public-sector organisations, which can serve to make it a more challenging process to introduce and run. In particular, such organisations often have a high proportion of technical, scientific or professional staff, and the attitudes and ethos of these groups can sometimes work against the management aims of the organisation not least because they may take a more independent viewpoint and not identify with some of the organisation's aims or policies. The design of an appraisal system for professional staff needs to address this, and in particular to encourage participation in the development of the process and to place emphasis on developmental aspects. Other features of the scheme for example, in terms of who actually conducts the appraisal may also need some tailoring. Finally, there are implications for how training is delivered to such groups and for the way promotability and potential are assessed.